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'Calma Calma’ is a phrase my Gran always  uses to tell me to calm myself and slow down anytime I feel uneasy, overwhelmed or stressed. Our new hydrating mist captures the very essence of my Gran’s calming message, with a soothing blend of ingredients that are a treat for the skin and senses alike. Each time I spritz Calma Calma Hydrating Mist, I hear my Gran's words and take a moment of calm for myself while giving my skin the soothing treat it deserves.

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Why Choose Leonie Botanics?

Here at Leonie Botanics, we are passionate about high quality, natural skincare. Our vegan and palm oil free formulations are designed with sensitive skin in mind yet don’t compromise on performance.

We believe that skincare is a sensory ritual that is a treat for the skin and senses alike and that skincare for sensitive skin should be no different. We formulate our range without any essential oils because although natural, essential oils are incredibly potent and contain allergens and compounds that can be incredibly irritating on sensitive skin. This is why at Leonie Botanics, we ensure that all our formulations are essential oil free so they are gentle yet effective on all skin types, even sensitive and instead use infusions and cold-pressed oils known for their naturally occurring scent. This means our products feature a naturally occurring aroma that is free from allergens and synthetic fragrances.

Leonie Botanics. Because Sensitive Skincare Doesn’t Have to be Boring.

Our Values

  • Vegan

    All our products are vegan friendly

  • Cruelty Free

    We are huge animal lovers and will never test on animals

  • Natural & Organic

    We only use natural sustainable ingredients

  • Palm Oil Free

    Free from Palm oil and it's derivatives


Sweet Dreams Rejuvenating Face Oil

Introducing our award-winning Sweet Dreams Rejuvenating Face Oil, a luxurious face oil elixir designed to revitalise and replenish your skin. Crafted with care, this potent formula combines natural botanical extracts and nourishing oils to help restore your skin's youthful radiance. Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, it works tirelessly to reduce the visible effects of stress on your skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and rejuvenated. Experience the magic of Sweet Dreams Rejuvenating Face Oil and wake up to a refreshed and revitalised complexion every morning. Embrace the power of nature and indulge in the ultimate self-care ritual for your skin.

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The Eye PillowOur unscented Eye Pillow is a great multitasker, to soothe tired eyes, block out unwanted light and help deepen your relaxation during yoga and meditation.
It can beEye PillowLeonie BotanicsLeonie BotanicsEye Pillow

self care

The Eye Pillow

The Leonie Botanics Eye Pillow is a great multitasker as it can be used both hot and cold anywhere on the body. As a warm compress, it can help relieve sensitive, dry eyes and ease pain from migraines, ear ache, cramps and muscle aches. It can also be used as a cold compress to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes as well as aid sport injuries.



As a psoriasis sufferer I’m very cautious what I use on my skin.
This oil has been amazing, it’s not only helped my combination skin , it’s helped keep my psoriasis under control. Absolutely love it and couldn’t be without it.

Anna L

I’ve been using this face oil every day for a few months now and am very pleased with the results. As an acne sufferer I always worry about how my skin will react to new products but my skin has stayed clear. It leaves my skin with a nice natural glow which I really like. It’s keeping my skin hydrated but without feeling too greasy. In short I really like it and will keep using!


A lovely oil using good ingredients which makes my skin feel great. My partner who suffers from dry patches on his face thinks its fab as it really moisturises and leaves his skin feeling good, so much so we are on our second bottle. I hope there will be more products available in this range soon.

Katherine J

The texture is perfect, it is non-greasy and doesn't cause any breakouts, in fact, it helps get rid of spots. It helps with so many other skin issues too such as dry skin, calming redness, and irritation, aging, the list goes on.

Louise Jane CEO The Vegan Choice Awards

This rejuvenating face oil is beautiful! I use it every night. It smells incredible and works wonders on my skin. I’m on my third bottle because now I’ve discovered it, I never want to be without it!


A stunning face oil full of beautiful top notch ingredients which are highly skin compatible – I’d say it’s like a serum oil as it sinks in fully and quickly, leaving soft and cal. Skin by morning – gorgeous


Loooooooove, it’s really potent and help keep my acne at bay. Love the sweet scent and golden hue, better used at night for a radiant skin in the morning. Also helps with hyperpigmentation. #blackgirlfriendly ❤️


I can’t recommend this face oil enough. I have a very dry mature skin and after trying so many, I have found the best product. It has rejuvenated my skin and added a radiance I haven’t had before. So pleased to use this super hydrating, super nourishing, product which is pure and natural.


I absolutely love the face rejuvenating oil. i always use this before bed and after applying it, it always makes my skin super glowy. By the morning, my face is very hydrated, reduced in redness all around, very nourished and soft. I can always count on this oil to settle any inflammation and imperfections on my face. The scent is so calm and soothing it also helps me fall asleep! I love that it so so eco friendly. The package it comes in comes with a little note you’re able to plant! Very thoughtful. 10/10 recommend, i will forever use this oil for my skin for its amazing benefits and the super person behind it, who cares so much about their products.


The night oil is absolutely wonderful. It leaves skin nourished and it also helped me with breakouts which is quite unusual for an oil. My skin definitely became more radiant and because I tried natural oils before I have comparison. I feel like this one is definitely worth investing in.


I love this oil. My skin has been feeling so soft after use , but not oily. I really appreciate the care that has gone into it to make such a natural product. The care over the packaging and the recyclable nature of it really appeals to my values. I’m going to continue to use it on my face and neck. Highly recommended .

Joceline A

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