Palm oil and Deforestation

Palm oil and Deforestation

Here at Leonie Botanics, we feel very passionate about the welfare of animals. As humans we should help protect other species that do not have a voice and speak out. We believe all animals have every right to inhabit this planet as much as we do, so it is our job to protect them as much as we can.

Palm oil is quite a complicated subject. Unfortunately since palm oil is being used in so many industries including skin care and food, it has been the main driver of deforestation which is causing already endangered species to face extinction such as Orangutans and Borneo Pygmy Elephants.

These species sadly are now endangered due to isolation from their habitats as a result of roads now splitting up the forests, and they are becoming targets for poaching.

At Leonie Botanics we refuse to use any palm oil in our formulations. Palm oil is not always labelled as “palm oil” unfortunately it can simply be labelled as “vegetable oil” and certain ingredients may use palm as a derivative, like palm glycerides. Palm oil can also be used to extract certain extracts or ingredients but not be in the final ingredient list or product.

At Leonie Botanics we have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our ingredients do not contain any palm oil throughout the production process and supply chain.

Although we can’t stop the use of palm oil, buying products with palm oil in them please make sure they are RSPO certified where possible.