Vegan Friendly Skincare

Vegan Friendly Skincare

Vegan skincare means it contains no ingredients made from or produced by animals.
At Leonie Botanics we feel there is no need in the 21st century to be using animal derived ingredients in skincare products.

Nature provides so many nutrients to benefit our skin without the need to use any animal by-products. Plant oils contain numerous essential fatty acids, vitamins and emollients necessary for maintaining the health of your skin. Concentrated plant extracts also contain many antioxidants that reduce inflammation, redness and generally benefit the skin.

Lactic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which gently exfoliates to eliminate dead skin cells and is commonly sourced via milk. However crops and fruits such as corn/maize and bilberry can also be a source of lactic acid and are an excellent alternative to dairy- based ingredients.

When it comes to colourants in skincare and makeup, the industry used to heavily rely on ingredients such as carmine made from crushed beetles; instead, these are now more commonly replaced with plant-based ingredients such as beetroot and gromwell root.

No animal derived ingredients will ever be used in any formulation of ours, we are 100% committed to 100% natural skin care to always being vegan friendly.